Controlled use of products

For many years, we have been testing ways to strengthen plants and protect them as best as possible from disease attacks that can lead to disasters. We will be better and better able to limit the impact or virulence of certain diseases thanks to knowledge of the sites on which we work: what is the subsoil, what is the climate, what are the grasses that thrive there or No ? But finding the right recipe, identifying the sensitive areas of the route and therefore anticipating things in the broad sense to ultimately use less products takes time. Besides, I would not speak of 0 phyto, but rather of 0 synthetic product. Phytos will still exist after 2025, but they will have to benefit from an organic designation. We also need to work on the way we amend our land and I prefer to micro-split our fertilizer applications to ensure that the plants take just what they need and to be certain that nothing goes into adjacent waterways.

If we want to limit diseases, dollar spot or fusarium wilt in particular, and therefore avoid the use of products, we must work the soil and see what climate we are faced with. Tillage aims to oxygenate the earth, to promote water penetration and gas exchange. Then we must be vigilant about the climate, the weather, and stormy phenomena conducive to the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and therefore diseases. Concretely, some years we will be able to get by with regular tillage without necessarily having to establish a complex fertilization or treatment strategy and sometimes the climate factor will work against us. So without synthetic products, it will necessarily be more complicated depending on the route. This is an important message to send to players: we will have to be much more tolerant in the future.

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